SAE J2658_200307


Metallic Tube Conductor Assemblies for Fluid Power and General Use–Test Methods for Hydraulic Fluid Power Metallic Tube Assemblies
standard by SAE International, 07/29/2003


This SAE Standard specifies uniform methods for various typesof tests to evaluate functional performance requirements formetallic tube conductor assemblies for hydraulic fluid powerapplications made from both standard and non-standard metallictubing and components. See the appropriate listed SAE or ISOtubing and connector standard for chemical, mechanical anddimensional requirements for standard tubing, end components andtube end joint configurations for the standard tube assembliesbeing tested. See SAE J 1065 and ISO 10763 for listed nominalreference working pressures and/or reference formula that may beused to calculate reference working pressures for standard andnon-standard metallic tube conductors.

This standard is to be used to qualify metallic hydraulictube assemblies manufactured with various standard and non-standard tubing materials, tube end components and tube endjoining processes, primarily intended for mobile/stationaryindustrial equipment applications, Aircraft, Automotive andAerospace applications were not considered during the preparationof this document.

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