SSPC Paint 38


Single-Component Moisture-Cure Weatherable Aliphatic Polyurethane Topcoat, Performance-Based
standard by Society for Protective Coatings, 03/01/2012


This specification covers the requirements for a high-performance single-component moisture-curing UV-stable polyurethane topcoat (ASTM D 16, Type II polyurethane). It is intended to be used as a topcoat that provides good color and gloss retention. Coatings meeting the requirements of this specification are generally suitable for exposures in SSPC Environmental Zones 1A (interior, normally dry), 1B (exterior, normally dry), 2A (frequently wet by fresh water, excluding immersion), 2B (frequently wet by salt water, excluding immersion), 3B (chemical exposure, neutral) and 3C (chemical exposure, alkaline). The specified coating is intended for application by brush, spray, or roller. It is generally applied over a primer or intermediate coating.

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