UL 61965


Standard for Mechanical Safety of Cathode-Ray Tubes

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UL 07/27/2004 78


UL 61965 – Standard for Mechanical Safety of Cathode-Ray Tubes

Mechanical Safety for Cathode Ray Tubes

UL 61965

1 Scope

This International Standard is applicable to cathode ray tubes and cathode ray tube assemblies (hereinafter referred to as CRTs) which are intended for use as components in apparatus and which have integral protection with respect to the effects of implosion.

These requirements apply to CRTs intended for use in apparatus including electrical and electronic measuring and testing equipment, information technology equipment, medical equipment, telephone equipment, television equipment and other similar electronic apparatus.

This standard is intended to apply only to those CRTs in which the face of the CRT forms part of the enclosure for the apparatus. The test methods do not apply to CRTs which are protected by separate safety screens.

A CRT covered by this standard is intended to be installed in an enclosure designed both to protect the rear of the CRT against mechanical or other damage under normal conditions of operation and to protect the user against particles expelled in a backwards direction from the CRT face in the event of implosion.

This standard contains requirements for CRTs of 76 mm diagonal and larger that incorporate implosion protection systems providing protection against the hazards of particles expelled forwards beyond the face. There is no intended protection against particles expelled in other directions.

Compliance is tested by subjecting CRTs to the test procedures and criteria which are given in clauses 8 (large CRTs), 9 (small CRTs) and 10 (CRTs with protective film) of this standard. The definitions of large and small CRTs are given in Clause 3.

NOTE This set of requirements replaces the current requirements for the mechanical safety of cathode ray tubes (CRTs) as described in IEC 60065 (clause 18), which will be modified accordingly.

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