ULC 2580


Standard for Batteries for Use in Electric Vehicles (ULC S2580)
standard by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, 2013


“These requirements cover electrical energy storage assemblies such as battery packs and combination battery pack-electrochemical capacitor assemblies and the subassembly/modules that make up these assemblies for use in electric-powered vehicles as defined in this standard.This standard evaluates the electrical energy storage assembly’s ability to safely withstand simulated abuse conditions and prevents any exposure of persons to hazards as a result of the abuse. This standard evaluates the electric energy storage assembly and modules based upon the manufacturer’s specified charge and discharge parameters at specified temperatures. It does not evaluate the assembly’s interaction with other control systems within the vehicle.This standard does not evaluate the performance or reliability of these devices. This standard does not include requirements for the evaluation of batteries for light electric vehicles such as electrical assist bicycles, wheel chairs, electric scooters and similar devices as defined in the Standard for Batteries for Use in Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) Applications, UL 2271 / ULC-S2271.”

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