ULC 316


Standard for Performance of Video Surveillance Systems (CAN/ULC S316-14)
standard by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, 2014


ULC 316 – Standard for Performance of Video Surveillance Systems (CAN/ULC S316-14)

This standard provides minimum acceptable performance parameters for video surveillance systems. The system stakeholder determines the video surveillance system operational requirements.

The purpose of this Standard is to provide guidance to ensure that security video system functions and performance are achieved, to assist end users, integrators, consultants and authorities with a means to objectively define, verify, and maintain compliance to performance standards.

This Standard is structured: A To accommodate a broad range of applications; B To reflect widely used current and emerging technologies; C To avoid specific technological requirements that may restrict the application of advanced innovative solutions and new technology; and D Is based on a Risk — Application method. Application of the Standard requires the practitioner to determine associated risk level based on a risk assessment of each area to be covered and determination of the primary objective for each camera associated with that area. The results may then be used to select the system class requirements for each area within the system. A set of specific functional parameters required for compliance is provided for each class orcategory.

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