Milking machine installations – Mechanical tests

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ASAE/ASABE AD6690 – Milking machine installations – Mechanical tests

ANSI/ASABE AD6690:2007, Milking machine installations -Mechanical tests, is an adoption with deviations of the identically titledISO standard ISO 6690:2007, Milking machine installations -Mechanical tests. Deviations noted in the following Forward sectionspertain to those provisions where harmonization could not be achievedbetween ASABE and the International Standard.

ANSI/ASABE AD6690:2007 specifies mechanical tests for milkingmachine installations in order to verify compliance of an installation orcomponent with the requirements of ISO 5707, which has been adoptedwith deviations by ASABE AD 5707. It alsostipulates the accuracy requirements for the measuring instruments.

This Standard is applicable for testing new installations and for periodicchecking of installations for efficiency of operation. Alternative testmethods may be applicable if they can be shown to achieve comparableresults.

Test procedures described in Annex A are primarily for testing in thelaboratory. An example of a field test procedure which can reduce thetime and effort involved in testing is given in Annex C and acorresponding test report in Annex D.

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